Saturday, July 15, 2006

The saga comes to an end

We are basically done with the remodel part of the house. If you like what you see, you can let us know and also let Spectrum Fine Homes know, since they are our design/build team. While we are finishing up the remaining items, we are starting on our quest for furniture. We have a specific look in mind, as you can probably tell, we just need to find time to get it done. First up, the nursery. The kid is about ready to grow out of her co-sleeper and she kicks, so I don't want her in my bed!

last look

We made it to the master bath, here is one side and you can see our closet in the background.

Still waiting

Our office is not finished yet, we are waiting for some cabinet doors that got damaged the first time around. Thank goodness for Kevin's laptop with wireless internet for our downtime during the move. Can't live without that internet!

Hall Bath

I know this view is the opposite from all my other photos of the hall bath, but it looked real nice this way.

Knick Knacks

Before we go upstairs, here are our finished new shelves. The light shines down thru the glass shelves. Now if we only had something to place on them we would be good to go!

Otherwise known as a living room

We don't have a living room, we have a pool room. The pool table just arrived the other day, I haven't taking a photo of it yet. Anyway, I have to leave something to the imagination, don't I? The TV above the fireplace is a nice touch.

Also check out our solar shades, block out some of the light but we can still see out. We are getting roman shades to go on top of these.

More blue walls...

When you get to the family room/kitchen area, you will see two more blue walls. One has our TV on it and the other one is our kitchen backspash. You can see we have no furniture yet, that's why we have the folding chairs. Let the shopping begin!

Come on in!

The first thing you will see is our blue venetian plaster wall with cable lights going up to the second floor. If you turn around and look up at our chandelier, you will see something really spacy!

Friday, July 07, 2006

We're In!

We finally moved in. Since our DSL connection is not installed yet, I can't put up more photos yet. Stay tuned, they will be worth the wait!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This is the way we wash our clothes

We got the new Kenmore washer/dryer. They fit under the cabinets with only one half inch to spare!

The biggest change

The biggest change award goes to our guest bathroom. No, it is not finished yet, we are waiting for the mirror and the sconces that go with it. But check out the faucet that comes out of the wall!

No Man Is an Island, Part 2

Here is our kitchen island/table. The absolute black granite matches that used in the fireplace. We are still waiting for the two legs to be installed. They are complete, but "at the office". Is that like the check being "in the mail"?


Here is the fireplace with the matching granite - just like the kitchen. This was designed by Nicholas, our designer from Spectrum Fine Homes .

We are still waiting to pick out the new glass door, we are getting on with silver, not gold. The guy from the first company flaked, so we are looking at a new company.

Kids' Bathroom

Still waiting for the vessels for this bathroom too. Also waiting for the maple shelves for the closet across from the mirror.

Master Bath countertop

We are about done in here. The medicine chests were not installed when I took this pic, but they are now. Also you can't tell, but there are lights behind (all around) each mirror for extra effect. We are waiting for the vessels to arrive and be installed so we can actually use the sinks.

The middle is empty but some artwork will go there eventually.

Huge Master Closet

Our closet shelf units are installed, but we are still waiting for the doors to be installed. Should be done this week (don't hold your breath).

Yes, I know it is May already...

All our friends and relatives keep saying we never gave them our new address. Truth is, we haven't moved in yet! Of course we will send the new address when we actually move in. Anyway, things are very close.

Here is the stairway showing off not only our cool new interior doors but also our blue venetian wall.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

White as Marble...

Our master bathroom is coming together before our very eyes. The marble counter slabs were installed today and the tiles yesterday.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kitchen Update

See the Oct 20, 2005 post for previous comparative photos. Now the island is in the kitchen where it belongs, and the countertops are installed. Next should be the new cabinet doors/drawers. After that the appliances and the floor. Oh, and somewhere in there will be all the stuff that goes under the sink (filtered instant hot/cold water being the one I am looking forward to the most).

Labradorite Bianco Granite

Our granite choice (thanks Kevin!) has basically a gray background with striking black areas and iridescent blue spots and splotches. I don't think photos really do it justice, but when the light hits it, somehow it comes
alive, with blue speckles dancing off of the counter. It is really wild.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

No Man is an Island...

...and no island belongs in the garage! But that is where our new kitchen island is right now. The top was measured to make the templates for cutting the granite countertops. It can't go into the actual kitchen until some concrete gets poured where the sink pipes are. That can't be done until someone signs off on it with the city of Newark. Ahh, delays.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things are moving now!

We seem to be within two months of actually having the house habitable! We are not quite ready for before/after photos, but can do some before/middle photos.

Fireplace Before

Fireplace Now

Guest Bathroom Before

Guest Bathroom Now

Master Closet Door Before (sliding)

Master Closet Door Now (regular)

Kids' Bathroom Before

Kids' Bathroom Now